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What we do


Although we are capable of delivering a wide variety of assets, these are a few that we are particularly good at


The idea will always come first and guides everything that follows. A nuanced narrative that is strategically conscious and truly unexpected is what we will use as a framework to build campaigns around.

  • Creative Platforms
  • Manifestos
  • Brand Development
  • Campaign Ideas


This is where the craft comes in. Executing campaign assets based on the idea. All pulling in the same strategic direction, in the same brand tone and delivered to the highest level across multiple media channels.

  • Online Video
  • Broadcast Film
  • Long Form Content
  • Short Form Content
  • Digital
  • Out-of-home
  • Visual Identities

How it works


Top talent from around the world, selected for each project

Inkfish is more than a name, it’s an evolved way of working. We’ve approached the agency model differently and instead of using the same team repeatedly, we build a fresh team for each project, tailored to your needs.

We search globally for the best talent, ensuring diversity and fresh perspectives. Our leadership has 50+ years of combined experience, collaborating with top professionals everywhere.

Only the most acclaimed experts are invited onto the team, enabling us to create groundbreaking work efficiently and effectively. If you’re looking to solve your business challenges in a new way let’s talk about how we can succeed together.



Each project is led by Darren Borrino and Claire Morris

Darren Borrino

  • Creative Leader
  • Conceptual Marketer
  • Brand Builder
  • Inclusion Advocate
[email protected]

Claire Morris

  • Client Partner
  • Transformational Leader
  • Digital Marketer
  • Brand Architect
  • Inclusion Advocate
  • Agent of Change
[email protected]



Our work has been recognized at all major international award shows